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At Seattle’s Private Reserve, we take pride in producing exceptional cannabis using all organic methods.

Every product that leaves our facility is tested to the highest standards by Steep Hill Labs. Our flowers are always rigorously tested to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best from Seattle’s Private Reserve. Our partnership with the country’s leading testing facility demonstrates our commitment to not only quality, but integrity too.

707 Headband

Type – 80/20 Sativa Dominant

Genetics – Sour Diesel x OG Kush

Appearance – Huge fluffy light green, frosted buds with golden hairs.

Smell – Very pungent, gassy, pine, citrus aromas with undertone of skunkiness.

Taste – Robust, earthly, diesel flavor.

Effect – Like wearing a “Headband” is the common description of its powerful, cerebral effects. The feeling is instantly noticed behind the eyes and across the forehead. Wonderful for stress relief, this Headband will provide you with an uplifting and relaxing effect that leaves you feeling optimistic. Many enjoy this strain for its energetic mind high, mental clarity and euphoric sensation.

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Blackberry Kush

Type – 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid

Genetics – Unknown

Appearance – These large pinecone nugs contain purple, green, blue hues as well as red hairs and are very dense and frosty.  Blackberry Kush is truly one of the most beautiful strains out there with spectacular bag appeal. She’s certainly a beauty to get lost in.

Smell – Deep, hashy scent with blackberry undertones in the finish.

Taste – If you are a fan of Kush, then this is right up your alley. One of the smoothest strains available, when it’s done right, Blackberry Kush offers a deep wall of Kush flavor with a pleasant hint of berry on the aftertaste. Goes down smooth and comes out silky with an undertone of that deep hashy, sweet berry flavor.

Effects – This strain is highly regarded as a favorite among indica fans as far as effects go. A poster child for indicas, Blackberry Kush will leave you with a strong body high and a little bit of the couch lock.  You will instantly feel your mood elevated and your body relaxed. People have been known to say they, “Slept like a baby,” after enjoying the BBK.

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G Cut

Type – 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid

Genetics – Jackson’s Private Breeding Stock

Appearance – Darker green with a smattering of purple hues, orangey pistils and frosted with tricomes.

Smell – Grape, piney OG, with lemon undertones.

Taste – Bold 3 flavor terp profile unlike any other. The inhale contains grape flavor, in the middle you will taste OG, and then …wait for it…. lemon on the exhale!

Effect – Relaxing, tranquilizing effect while providing a sense of well-being. Excellent for unwinding after work or before bed.

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Hollywood OG

Type – 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid

Genetics – Jackson’s Private Breeding Stock

Appearance – The best OG you will ever see, and very rare in every way.  This is one of those unique buds that looks so good, you don’t even want to smoke it. Dense, dark green buds with light clover green hues give way to sticky red hairs and a hint of shimmering violet.  The goodness of this dank eye candy definitely appeals to any connoisseur.  Covered in sticky trichomes, Hollywood OG will leave your fingers sticking together like super glue.

Smell – Imagine the best smelling OG and adding another layer of creamy goodness.  The aroma fills the room with a distinctive sharp and woodsy pine, lemony flavor finishing with a hint of sweet fruit. Once you crack a nug, your nostrils are greeted with of a monstrous wall of creamy OG that delights the senses. This fragrant flower is so pleasant and danky, one can smell them all day long without tiring of the magnificent scent.

Taste – Literally just like it smells. Literally. There are many different OG’s out there, most with similar taste. However, Hollywood OG is very unique and definitely sets a high bar for the rest of the OG’s. If you’re a connoisseur of good OG’s, this will take the cake of OG’s with its creamy, citrusy goodness. From that first inhale of lemony pine flavor to the earthy after-note, you will never want to partake of another OG.

Effects – A rarity among strains, Hollywood OG is one of those unique flowers you can smoke everyday and it will have the same potency effect every time. There is no ceiling with Hollywood, which is why it is Jackson’s ‘GO TO’ strain. The effect is felt instantaneously once the thick creamy smoke goes fills your lungs.  This bud is very effective, starting in the head and slowly moving downwards into the body. Still, the strongest effects are felt in the cerebral region and provide a smooth come down. Hollywood will get you through those tough days like only a great OG can.

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Legalized OG

Type – 70/30 Indica Dominant Hybrid

Genetics – 100% OG

Appearance – Very dense buds with a dark green hue and monster red hairs encased with a thick layer of glistening trichomes. If you love your OG’s, this is going to be right up your alley.

Smell – Overwhelmingly dank goodness of a great OG. The spicy, pine aroma with lemon citrus notes of the OG resemble a box of fruit loops. The distinctive aroma is incredible, and incomparable to most OG Kush’s. It has a lemony, sour fragrance combined with a pine and woody smell that only exists in an OG.

Taste – A powerful flavor of fruity pine accompanied by a strong lemony taste that lingers on the palate. Once this OG is opened, it fills the room with its woodsy, pine aroma. The smoke is incredible, definitely one of the more powerful of the hybrid strains.

Effects – The high comes on immediately, and intensely heady – melting into a body high providing you with a sense of ease. This is one of those strains you won’t get tired of. The effects can be very sedative so make sure you’re in your PJ’s when you smoke this strain.

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Type – 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid

Genetics – Soma Lavender x OG Kush

Appearance – Smaller cone shaped buds with a light green shade and tints of orange hairs cling to the small, compact frosted nuglets.

Smell – One word. Unbelievable! A little sweet and earthy with notes of lavender, vanilla and lemon will have you asking if you should wear it as perfume instead of smoke it.

Taste – Most outrageous lemon flavor you will ever encounter! It starts with a bold blast of lemon drop flavor with a lavender finish. Simply delicious and truly a crowd pleaser.

Effect – She’s stronger than she looks. Waves of euphoria and perma-smile is the best way to describe it. Lemonder has a very creative and social effect on many of those who partake in this delectable bud.


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Raspberry Kush

Type – 50/50 hybrid

Genetics – West Coast Grapefruit X Blackberry Kush

Appearance – Buds with hints of purple and a dark green hue laced with an insane amount of trichomes. These dense nugs are covered with brown pistils, and are one of the most visually appealing of the Kush strains.

Smell – Very similar to the Blackberry Kush but with a more sweet and intense berry aroma that continues with the deep, flat kushy smell.

Taste – Just like her sister, Blackberry Kush, this strain is extremely smooth on the throat. Velvety berry Kush on the way down and smooth on the way out, leaving a flavorful sweet berry the aftertaste.

Effects – Due to the sativa influence, the Raspberry Kush provides a wandering mind which contributes to creativity and a feeling of well-being.


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