Quality above all else


Discover the SPR Difference




Seattle’s Private Reserve takes great pride in all that we do, and as a Tier III Producer and Processor (the largest classification in Washington), we have the capability and capacity to do much more than just grow cannabis.

Our team of industry leading professionals have a deep and vast knowledge in Genetics, Research and Development, Cultivation and Extraction. As a result we have handcrafted a full line of cannabis products with unparalleled quality and purity.

While most of our competitors use hydroponics to rush their products to market, all our cannabis is grown in 100% renewable and natural materials and then “cold cured” for ultimate flavor and absolute perfection.

With over 1000 genetics to choose from from our library, we surely have a strain for you.  We also feature  high quality cannabis strains that are direct descendants of original strains developed generations ago. These closely guarded genetic lines are the essence of what makes our flowers stand apart from all the rest.  


Seattle’s Private Reserve proudly offers a wide selection of meticulously crafted signature hydrocarbon extracts and hash. Our extraction methods exceed the highest level of standard so that we can assure our consumers they enjoy a stable shatter, wax or honey oil with guaranteed quality and purity.