I love SPR because I can recommend it to any of our guests with the confidence of knowing that they will be satisfied.  When I first arrived to Seattle, SPR Jack Herer was the first gram I purchased.  I remember the scent of pine(ne) that shot through my nose as soon as I peeled that white seal… then picking up that nug and staring at it for a good minute, amazed at how it glistened like a diamond.  With the stickiest of fingers, I rolled that baby up and learned firsthand that SPR’s quality meets and exceeds the expectations that are sure to be set by their superior presentation.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed SPR’s wide selection, ranging from the frostiest of Gorilla Glue, and the heavy hitting Legalized OG, to the fan-favorite Lemonder, and still get excited every time I get ready to peel that seal.  More importantly, I know our guests feel the same!  Thank you Seattle’s Private Reserve for your continued commitment to excellence!

Paul Yoon/Have a Heart - Greenwood